PVC Self Adhesive Electrical Insulation Tapes

Product Description:


  • Self extinguishing
  • Protects from electrolytic corrosion
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Suitable for primary insulation up to 440V

Application Areas:

Used in electrical insulation of wire joints in single and three phase wiring. It is used for insulation of wire joint of decorative lights, fans, home appliances, all kinds of electrical motors, resistors, capacitors, electrical circuits, transformers etc.

Technical Parameters:

Colour : Black, Blue, Yellow, Green and Red

Width : As specified

Length : As specified

Total thickness of tape(mm) : 0.1 to 0.15

Adhesion to steel (N/10mm width) : 1.6 Minimum

Adhesion to backing (N/10mm width) : 1.3 Minimum

Tensile strength (N/10 mm width per mm thickness) : 150 Minimum

Electrical strength at RT (kV/mm) : 40 Minimum

Electrical strength after humid condition (kV/mm) : 35 Minimum

Insulation resistance (Ohms) : 1 x 1011 Minimum

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